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>> Friday, October 22, 2010

So I'm still not feeling so great. I actually ended up spending the day in the Emergency Department at the hospital the other day. The pain just got to be too much and I couldn't take it. I have to say that I was really impressed with North York General though - I went it right away and was all hooked up to an IV with medication within minutes. I had to have another ultrasound and some more bloodwork done. On the previous ultrasounds I had done a few weeks ago at the medical office, they found a cyst on my kidney and on my ovaries, and my blood tests and a few other tests had some slightly abnormal results. On this ultrasound though, they were all gone! Soooo, they think they all must have ruptured either all at once or all around the same time, which is why the pain intensified over the last few days. They gave me some really strong pain pills and told me I need to have a follow-up ultrasound in a few weeks and to come back if the pain got worse or if I had a fever.
It's weird though, 'cause even with the pain medication it still hasn't gotten much better since my ER experience, and everything I've read about ruptured cysts says that every day the pain should lessen.
I have a feeling it still might be something else. The ultrasound tech asked me a lot of questions about my appendix while she was doing the test. She seemed pretty convinced that it was my appendix that was causing all the pain and went to go talk to the doctor. When he was discharging me though and I asked if that could be it, he said my white blood count would be higher (which it wasn't).
Hopefully it was just the cysts and in the next few days it'll get better. It's just hard to believe that a few cysts would be what's been making me feel so sick for the past month and a half (and that it would all start right after I got back from Africa!)
Weird, weird, weird . . . but like I said before, it could always be worse!
I've gotten quite behind at work the last little while because of this as I've missed several days and we're gearing up for the busiest time of year. I came in this morning and was bombarded with the sense that Christmas is definitely upon us - the evidence is in the sheer amount of stuff we're getting each day! It always amazes me that when you work in retail, the first feeling you get when you think of the Holidays isn't a nice warm and fuzzy feeling, it's pure panic! It immediately tenses up your shoulders and you start counting down to when January will arrive and it'll all be over! My countdown has started and it isn't even Halloween yet!


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