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Update + Johnny Reid

>> Sunday, October 3, 2010

So I've still be feeling pretty horrible these last few weeks. Have been to the travel doctor a few times, as usually if you feel like crap after an international trip it means you brought a little "souvenir" home with you. I had a bunch of blood work done, and some other tests, but so far other than my red blood cell count being low and my white blood cell count being a little high (which only shows that my body is trying to fight something off), he's kinda' stumped in terms of an actual diagnosis. I have to go get an abdominal ultrasound done this week, plus more blood work and go see my family doctor as it's looking like it's probably something not travel related.

I've missed some work because of it, and also had to stay home this weekend and not go on the annual fall retreat with Chris and the youth group up in Bancroft. I'd actually been looking forward to that since the summer, so that kinda' sucks, but I know it's probably been good for me to just stay home, sleep and take it easy.

Hopefully they figure out what's going on soon as it's driving me crazy not feeling good and always being so tired and yucky. The whole month of September was pretty much a write-off - for the most part when I wasn't at work I was sleeping or trying to sleep, so here's hoping that October is much better!

So while I've been at home these past few days, one of the things I've been doing a lot of is watching CMT (Country Music Television). I watched the "One on One" hour-long interview special with Johnny Reid, and I must say - how amazing and inspiring is this man! I was absolutely captivated throughout the entire interview, and loved hearing about his journey as a singer/songwriter and how he never gave up on his dream, even though he was knocked down time and time again. I wasn't a fan of his before - to be honest I'd never even listened to one of his songs or watched a video, but after watching this interview I just had to check out his website and a bunch of videos on youtube. He's an amazing country/soul singer from Scotland, (who moved to Canada as a young teen) and he just has a great, honest vibe about him and a really powerful voice. I'll definitely be picking up his latest album the next time I'm out and about! Also just found out he's playing a few shows at Massey Hall in November, so maybe Chris and I will go see him live!

Gotta' love CMT for introducing people to artists they may not have considered listening to before!


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