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Argh . . .

>> Wednesday, October 13, 2010

And . . .

still sick.

But - it could always be worse I suppose. I think I'm actually getting used to just feeling sick and gross 'cause it's been so long. :) I had 3 ultrasounds last Friday. It was not fun. Having a full to bursting bladder when your stomach and pelvic area are already feeling horrible is definitely one of the worst things I have had to do recently. I can't imagine what it's like for someone whose pregnant to have to do that for an ultrasound, when they already have a baby pushing against their bladder!

Anyhoo, this post isn't actually about that (or wasn't supposed to be). I really wanted to post a video of a band I'm currently obsessed with called NeedToBreathe. I knew about them quite awhile ago, but kind of just hopped on the bandwagon again recently after I was listening to their latest songs and happened upon this wonderful, live acoustic performance of "Stones Under Rushing Water", one of my favorite songs. It's hauntingly beautiful and really makes me want to drive to the States next month to see them live in concert. Sooooo good!!!! Enjoy . . .


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