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On being creative . . .

>> Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I'm a creative person. Always have been - probably always will be. I'm also an "ideas" person, and not always a "follow-through" kinda' person. Need an idea for a movie, song, or book? I'm your girl. Need a jingle, a name for your store, or thoughts on how to revamp your business to draw in more potential customers? I could probably give you several.
But are those giftings any good if I can't see it through 'till the end? I've been thinking about this recently after I read an article about a writer who was in the same boat. He would come up with a bunch of great ideas for his next book, but then after working on it for a short while he would get distracted by other ideas he was coming up with that were "bigger and better" than the last. Needless to say, that writer still has yet to publish a book.

Is this something that most creative people struggle with? Does inspiration strike too frequently that we can't actually buckle down and get the work done? I sometimes find myself complaining "oh if I only had more time off I could focus more on my song-writing", or "if I could only get away for awhile I'd be able to get a bunch of my screenplay done". But of course, that's not the real issue is it? The issue is committing yourself to something and getting it done no matter what - even if you're tired or even if you have a million other things going on. I'm not being too hard on myself though - I do realize that everyone needs time off, and everyone needs to get away for awhile to recharge their batteries, and for those of us creative types to reharness our energies. But what I aspire to be is someone who brings the same focus and energy to their passions no matter where they are, and no matter what else they have going on in their lives. The great thinkers, innovators and creators of our time don't say "oh I have too much going on right now - I'll get back to that other stuff next week" - they make time for it.

So that's my current challenge to myself - to stay committed and energized to do the things I love to do, and to be my creative self - even when work is crazy, and there's a house to clean, and laundry to do, and people to see and places to go.

God doesn't bestow gifts among people for nothing, so if you're good at something, and if it's something that you feel, that you know is your "calling" in life - take that seriously. Don't brush it off as a "hobby" or something to do only when you "have time". Life is too short for such nonsense.


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