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Day 77 - You have GOT to be kidding me!!

>> Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Chris let me take his van to work today. My car was getting cleaned up at the shop so it's ready for me to turn in on Friday. I never drive his van to work - ever. He was going to drive me this morning but was too tired so said I could take it. I was super careful, making sure to pick a parking spot with lots of room, basically treating it like a baby.

After a long and tiring day at work, I walk up to where I had parked it (the upper parking lot at the mall - where I usually park my car) and see mall security and a police car, all of them standing by a car taking pictures. As I walk past I see that the front driver's side window had been smashed it. "Awww, man" I think to myself - "I feel sorry for whomever owns that car". I keep walking for a few steps and then the van comes into view. I immediately stop. Guess which other vehicle has been broken into? Yup - Chris' van. I must have stood there for a full minute just looking at it when the police officer comes up and asks me if it's my car. He explains that both the van and this other car had been broken into - mall security had discovered it and had called the police to come take pictures and file a report. I guess security had been paging the license plate # over the loudspeaker in the mall, but we can't really hear the mall pages in our store so I was completely oblivious to what happened until I came out and saw for myself. They stole our GPS unit, but thankfully Chris had cleaned it out the night before so there wasn't anything else of value in it to steal. I phoned Chris and explained what happened - he was awesome though and had someone from work drive him over right away so he could survey the damage and see what to do next. There was glass everywhere, even after the police officer had helped me clean it up a little bit. Security had to find a broom and dust pan and stuff just so we could clear off the seat enough that we could drive in it.

Arggghhhh - so frustrating!! I just find it so sad and also so aggravating that someone would do this. We are thankfully in a situation that although it sucks to have to pay to get it repaired, although I wouldn't say we can afford it, we can pay for it without it keeping us up too much at night. But how can people do this kind of thing with no regard whatsoever to whose lives it effects? It's so disturbing to me that while I was at work in my store only a minute away, someone was breaking into our car and doing something so wrong and scary.

I'll chalk it up to the week I'm having and continue to hope and pray that next week is a better one.

I guess to look on the bright side I should be thankful that my family even has a car in the first place and that I wasn't actually in the car when someone tried to break into it.

Oy vey . . .


Franciska November 25, 2009 at 11:41 PM  

Aw Suzanne I am so sorry about your car. It is a terrible thing to do, this crime. But even worse to realize that people who do this sort of things DON'T think of the lives being affected byt their doing. It's the sad world we live in. I'm glad you are ok and that you guys are able to take care of it. Love you

JTCF November 26, 2009 at 8:23 AM  

I'm sorry to hear about your husband's van. That just sucks. Hoping next week is much better for you.

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