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Day 60 - Day 60??

>> Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wow - can't believe I'm on day 60 already. Time really flies by when you're spending time doing the thing you love!

So I had the day off today, but I actually really took the day off and just chilled. I went to church in the morning, then went for a drive to just enjoy the nice weather for a bit, then came home and just relaxed with Chris. I was a little productive and cleaned out my car a bit and did a few little work-related things, but overall it was a good day just to sort of float around and do nothing. We just finished watching "Cheaper by the Dozen 2" - I know, I know - totally cheese, but fun nonetheless. I'm heading to bed soon (it's only 9pm!) as I have another early shift tomorrow and I have a looong day tomorrow with a lot of commitments so I want to get my sleep.

On a sad note - my dear Aunt Pat passed away a few days ago. She was actually my Great Aunt, but she was quite young and I always just thought of her as my Aunt. She was simply magical - I have nothing but great memories of her. So much fun, always had a twinkle in her eye, and had one of the best laughs you would ever hear. She started having health problems when my Uncle Jake got sick and then passed away 18 months ago. She had Lou Gehrig's disease, but I think she died of a broken heart. I know she's with him again now, looking down on us with an even bigger twinkle in her eye.

Aunt Pat - I'll miss you. You always held a very special place in my heart. You were a role model to me and someone who always made me feel special and welcome. The world won't shine quite as brightly now that you're gone.


Joanna November 10, 2009 at 1:29 PM  

I'm sorry for your loss. My prayers go out to you and your family.

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