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Day 62

>> Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I had a moment of pure "connectedness" today - if that's even a word. I worked the early shift today (6am-2pm), then came home and decided to continue recording strings for awhile, even though I was tired and worn out and really just wanted to lie on the couch and not think about anything for awhile.

I've been working for several hours now, and just played back the entire track of "Go on" - full piano and strings at full volume. Now I'm not saying anything about the quality of my work or anything, but when I was listening to it, it was like I was fully in the moment. It's a very personal song and reflects 100% how I've been feeling about things lately and to just hear outwardly what I feel inside made me really be "me" for a minute.

It's hard to describe and it's totally cheese I know, but I guess it's like if you play a sport and you get in "the zone" as they say and everything just becomes very clear and focused and simple.

I also know, for sure, that this is why I am here - to write music. Even if it comes out and people think it sucks (although I'm really hoping it's far from the "it totally sucks" end of the scale) I'm going to keep doing it 'cause (to coin an Oprah term), it makes me in the process be my authentic self. No BS, no pretending - here I am. Just me, with my heart on my sleeve.


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