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5 Weeks To Go!!

>> Monday, February 2, 2009

Well only about 5 weeks to go until Uganda! We had our big Banquet Dinner and Fundraiser this past weekend and it was a great success!! We raised quite a bit of money for our trip and although it was a long day, it was a really fun day for everyone involved!
I started making a final To Do list the other day for the trip, and it's definitely pretty long. Chris and I get to pick up our passports today though, so that's one major thing off the list. The next big one is to get our vaccinations done (as we can't actually enter Uganda without having certain vaccinations) so we need to make our appointments for that relatively soon.
I'm taking some time off in two weeks as I still have a ton to do and don't want to be completely stressed out one or two days before we leave, trying to get everything done. I also have a ton of performance reviews to write for work, and need to get all those wrapped up before the end of February. I know that time is going to fly and before I know it it'll be March 8th. Yay - it's almost here!

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