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Ouch!! Get that thing outta my arm!!

>> Friday, February 6, 2009

Yesterday afternoon Chris and I went to see Dr.Lingley at RoundTrip Travel Health Clinic in Markham as we needed to get our shots for Uganda. Chris already had a couple of his as he went to El Salvador a couple of years ago, but I needed the works. I got my Hep A, Yellow Fever, and Typhoid shots, and also got medication called Ducoral that I have to take two weeks before we leave (that's supposed to minimize the risk of getting Traveller's Diarrrhea) and also got a prescription for Malaria pills (that we start 2 days before we leave and continue for a week after we get back). Total cost = almost $300.00 . . . Yowza!! The good news is that many of the vaccinations last for a really long time so once you have them you're pretty much set and don't have to spend the money again.

I've never had a problem with needles, I actually usually think getting them is kinda' cool, but I let Chris go first as I wanted to see his reaction to them before it was my turn. After he said "oh yay - this one hurts. Yup - this one hurts a lot" to the second one, suddenly I wasn't looking forward to it as much. Sure enough the first one was fine, but the second one (the one for Yellow Fever) hurt quite a bit. We then spent the rest of the evening being total wimps and taking turns saying "my arm hurts - look babe - look at how swollen my arm is". Total wimps, but it is cool to know that my body is now busy making antibodies to all these crazy diseases.

So that's one more thing crossed off of our list of things to do before our trip. I still feel like I have a gazillion things to do, but I know they'll get done. I'm actually taking a week off of work soon as I just need some time off to do some stuff and to just relax. I want to go see my family on the farm (and meet their new puppy), learn some more Swahili, clean the house, and maybe (just maybe) finally finish painting our master bedroom. We still have two white walls in there and it's kind of become the big elephant in the house. We both know it needs to get done, but neither of us likes painting and so we just sort of pretend we don't see it. I want to get it done though as we may have someone staying at our house while we're away to take care of Franklin. (We really don't want to put him in a kennel for two weeks, and it's also really expensive so hopefully that pans out). Anyhoo, it would be nice to have that room totally finished in case we do have a guest.

I also (finally) think I've gotten myself on the path to becoming a healthier, fitter me! I had a moment of clarity several days ago (I might blog about it later) and I saw everything in a new perspective. Since then, I've been eating healthy and exercising, and overall starting to feel a lot better. I want to be fit and feeling good for our trip, so this is a start. Thankfully (and hopefully this is still the case) I've always been able to get fit fairly easily and quickly (once I really focus on it) so four weeks from now I'm gonna' be as strong and toned as possible. Okay, it's actually four weeks from Sunday, but whose counting?? ;)


JTCF February 13, 2009 at 8:41 AM  

Good for you for trying to become a healthier, fitter you! Glad to hear you got the vaccines out of the way.

Sara February 23, 2009 at 8:12 PM  

Haha, OUCH indeed:)
and fyi.. as creepy as it sounds...

i'm counting...............


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