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What turns it all around

>> Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So originally this was going to be a venting post. I had a horrible day at work today and came home just beat. I was tired, cranky, had a splitting headache and was fully emersed in sorry-for-myself attitude.
I had a Uganda meeting tonight at the church though, so even though I was not really in the mood (and really wanted to just stay home, have a long bath and hit the sack early), I found myself trudging across the parking lot for our 6pm meeting.
It's now 9pm, and my bad mood has completely been lifted. Yes I still had a horrible day at work, and yes I still have a splitting headache, but I am sooo glad Chris made me get my act together and get my butt over to the church. In the span of about an hour and a half, I received so many hugs, and so much love from the youth in our Uganda team and the rest of the kids from the senior high youth group that it absolutely made my day. They probably don't realize it, but I will definitely be going to bed with a smile on my face tonight because of them.
I don't even know a lot of them that well, but it just goes to show how big the hearts of today's young people can be - that they can really care about, and really be that excited to see someone who (in all honesty) hasn't really given 100% since she stepped into the "youth pastor's wife" role.
I don't know if any of them read my blog, but if they do I would like them to know this:

You are all incredibly important to both my husband and myself. I may not always show it - I know I'm not at the church as often as I (or you) would like, and many Sundays and Wednesdays can go by without me stopping in - but I always have you all in my thoughts. I feel like I know many of you quite well, because my husband knows you so well and because so many of you are so open with what you're going through in your lives and how you're feeling. I was also a teenager myself (and not too long ago - I'm not that old!) so believe it or not, but I can relate with pretty much everything you're experiencing as you navigate the really tricky and often really painful years of highschool. You are all full of light and love. You may not see it in yourselves sometimes, but I (and I know my husband) see it in you. You are all loved and cared about, and you made the heart of a tired (and cranky) twenty-something fill with love and gratitude tonight, and you helped turn it all around.


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