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Day 160

>> Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I came home early from work today as I had a pretty bad migraine - it was actually bad enough this time that it made me throw-up a couple of times . . . gross but true. Chris thankfully picked me up and I came home, took some Tylenol 3's and just laid on the couch with the lights off and the blinds closed. (I wanted to lay on our bed, but we don't have our new blinds yet so the sun was streaming in and that's always bad news when you have a migraine). I couldn't actually sleep, but after a few hours of darkness and quiet it had lessened quite a bit so I curled up and turned the tv on.

I decided to watch some episodes of a show on CMT I had PVR'ed yesterday called "Meet the Wilsons" - so good! It's all about this young Canadian couple (who have three kids) living in Nashville, trying to make it as singer-songwriters. So right up my alley!! I really enjoyed it, and it inspired me to see these two really working to follow their dreams, even when they have three kids and it's an fickle industry that has no guarantees. I kept thinking that if they can find the time to write and focus on their craft, then I really never have an excuse or reason to say "I'm too busy". Not that I've been slacking lately in the writing department, but there are times when I come home from work and I'm too tired to do much of anything, much less sit down at the piano and find the energy or inspiration to be creative and work on songwriting. If they can do it with three kids though (and all really young kids!), than I can do it!!

Speaking of songwriting, I'm really excited about one of the songs I'm working on now - the "country" inspired song. It's called "Never knew me well" and even though it's not about something I'm personally going through (it's a break-up song), I think it's something that anyone will be able to relate to. I don't know if I'll have it recorded properly by the end of the month, but I may just record an acoustic version of it when I'm done so I can share it and then take my time doing the proper recorded version.

I'm also super-excited as I think this will be my first year attending the conferences at Canadian Music Week. I won't be a participant this year, but it'll at least be exciting to go as a viewer to some sessions and hear some really knowledgable people talk about the songwriting and the music biz.

I'm going to try and update more often - I have more to write about these days, so stay tuned!!

:) Suz

P.S. I've been practicing the guitar like crazy . . . I seriously can't feel my fingertips on my left hand I've been practicing so much. I'm pretty proud of myself 'cause it's starting to actually sound like music!! ;)


Sara February 17, 2010 at 1:32 PM  

omgoooodness! a country inspired breakup song?! huuurrrryyy Suzanne hahah I am DYING to hear it!

not that I just broke up with someone haha but I for some reason love those kinds of songs... gah I'm crazy!

miss you much!

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