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Day 154 - Randomness!!

>> Wednesday, February 10, 2010

* I've had a lot of early mornings lately, and every single morning I feel soooo tired, and every single morning I say to myself - "Self - you are definitely going to bed early tonight 'cause you're gonna' be so tired when you come home tonight!" So how come even though I do end up super tired and ready for bed at 9pm, I somehow end up puttering around the house until midnight??!!

* My obsession with homemade oatmeal chocolate chip muffins has returned. In full force. Not good considering I'm trying to get in shape and get bikini body ready for Mexico in April!

* I use a lot of exclamation points - really, I think it's somewhat distracting but I can't stop myself . . . (!!!!)

* I love my guitar - like really love it. I want to get really good at it and have people say "wow - I can't believe you've only been playing for six months and you're soooo good!!" Just 'cause I think that'd be cool.

* I've decided to go back to blonde. I think having brown hair doesn't suit me and makes me act a lot more serious than I actually am.

* I wish another Harry Potter book was coming out.

* I wish I was going to the grand opening of "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter" at Universal Studios this summer.

* But it's okay - I get to go back to Africa instead.

* I miss my niece . . .

* I've rediscovered Michelle Branch and have watched pretty much every single live acoustic perforance of hers that I can find on youtube - wish her new album was coming out sooner rather than later! (Sorry - I really can't stop it with the exclamation points)

* I bought the new issue of Marie Claire magazine today with Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel on the cover. It made me happy.

* I bought (and ate) an apple tart today for my after-work treat. That also made me happy.

* I sometimes find myself singing out loud at work when I don't mean too (and when it's probably not the most appropriate time).

* I discovered a new joy this past week - it's a little thing I like to call . . . Rock Band 2. I started a band. Just me singing. I already have over 80,000 fans, a manager, intern, and a tour bus. Too bad it's just a video game . . . :(

* I also discovered this past week that I have the weird ability to roll my eyes in opposite directions at the same time. I have no idea how or why I discovered this, but Chris says it's creepy.

* I dreamt about work last night - my dream was pretty much me working a whole shift. I woke up and my first thought was "oh man - really??!!

* I booked off the weekend and am spending it with my hubby (and will be cooking him a Valentine's Day meal). Will also be attempting snowboarding this weekend. Should be interesting . . .

Have a great long weekend everyone!!!!



Susan February 16, 2010 at 3:48 PM  

love the eye ball thing. can't wait to see it!

I too have had a dream I worked. I hate those. I figure the company still owes me. hehehe.

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