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Current Obsessions

>> Friday, August 7, 2009

A few things I am currently obsessed with:

* All things Harry Potter - I went to see "Half-Blood Prince" a few weeks ago, and ever since then my love of the Harry Potter franchise has resurfaced in a big way. I've re-watched all the movies and am currently re-reading all the books. I've also become slightly obsessed with watching clips on youtube of the filming of "Deathly Hallows" - how am I going to wait until next summer for that one to come out!!

* All things Lord of the Rings - while I am a fan of the books, the films of LOR are what I'm really obsessed with. The extended edition DVD's of the films are awesome - hours and hours of special features and behind-the-scenes stuff. I actually just found out that in 2006 New Line released "Limited Edition" DVD's of all three films that have more extended scenes and a never-before-released movie documentary about the making of the films. How I didn't know this in 2006 I have no idea but I have promptly ordered copies of all three from amazon and anxiously await their arrival.

* Almonds - I have just recently discovered the joy of snacking on almonds - a tasty & healthy treat, and a handful will fill you up!

* Nature Valley Granola Bars - (roasted almond is my current favourite - no surprise there)

* Sleeping in - I have been quite lazy this summer and have slept in pretty much every day I could

* Dr.Pepper - soooo bad for you (and full of caffeine, which I normally try to avoid), but sooooo good. Why do bad things always taste the best?

* Our netbook - the best thing ever - pretty much has everything a laptop could offer, yet is so cute and light and small (and cheap)!!

* Our Rogers Internet stick - never mind the above - this is actually the best thing ever - we now have internet access pretty much everywhere we go. I can bring the netbook with me on vacation, bring the Internet stick, and bam!! Connected to the rest of the world in a heartbeat.

* Not wearing any make-up. Sometimes I wear it, sometimes I don't (normally to work I'll wear enough to make me look polished and put together). Lately though, when I'm home I won't wear a stitch of make-up. I like not having to stand there for 10 minutes putting it on - plus in the summer it just feels gross having something on your face.

* Kings of Leon - I just discovered them (I know - where have I been?) I must have listened to "Use Somebody" about 500 times in the last 2 weeks.

* My khaki pants from Old Navy - bought them a few months ago and wear them all the time

* tank tops

* my Havaianas flip flops

* chocolate fudge popsicles from Skinny Cow!


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