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>> Friday, December 20, 2013

I'm not sleepy.

It's 3:07am as I write this, and I'm debating whether or not I should go to bed. I'm still wired from a series of late nights at the store, and I'm off tomorrow, so I think my brain and my body are still decompressing. I usually need a few good hours of "decompress-mode" after work before I can hit the sack. Especially after a closing shift, where I usually hit my second wind right around when most other people are probably getting ready for bed.

It probably doesn't help that I drank a Dr.Pepper when I got home.

Come to think of it, it probably doesn't help that I ate some chocolate either.

Or that I'm sitting in front of a bright computer screen.

Hmmm . . . .

Anyway - how's it going dear reader? How has this Holiday season been treating you thus far?  ;)

I'm been busy as a bee these last few weeks (these last few months actually!) I know most people are probably counting down to Christmas (5 more days in case you were wondering), but I myself am counting down to January.

Primarily because that's when the craziness dies down a bit in my life, but mostly because my favourite holiday of the year is in January (New Year's Day!) AND I have a whole week of vacation in January - woot woot!

I am excited about Christmas though. I'm not a big getting presents kind of person anymore (but I don't think most adults are though, right? You get to the point where you can afford to buy what you want for yourself and the excitement of getting presents kind of goes away a bit. I do love buying presents though - especially for the kiddos - I could spend hours in Toys R Us!) I am pretty stoked though to be spending Christmas Day and Boxing Day at my parents farm in Simcoe. It'll just be them and Chris and I this year, but the following weekend we're going back for another visit, as my sister and her family will be coming down as well, so I get double the dose of Brimley/Greenway family farm famjam!

Sorry - maybe I am tired - I just wrote "family farm famjam".

And now I've written it twice.


Okay, moving on.

In other news - Franklin the dog has decided to shed more in the last few weeks than he ever has in his entire existence. I swear if his fur was worth money I would be typing this on a gold keyboard while someone fed me chocolate and massaged my feet. I think even Frankin is amazed at the amount he is shedding. He walked past a clump of dog hair on the floor just now and looked at it and then me with a sort of amazement in his eyes. That or he was silently judging me for not vacuuming enough.

I'm convinced though that Frankers is a canine weather predictor. He's obviously in the process of growing the thickest, craziest dog coat ever in the history of time - because he knows (he just knows!) that now that we live in London we will be subjected to the snowiest, coldest winter known to man. Seriously - I've seen more snow and felt more cold in the last few weeks than we ever did when we lived in the Barrie snowbelt. We moved here last November, and I don't remember it being like this so early on in the season last year.  It probably doesn't help that I lost my favourite winter gloves and need new waterproof winter boots (as having cold hands and wet feet is maybe making me a little grumpier about winter than last year), but I regress - my dog can predict the weather - amazing!

Alright - I'm gonna' wrap this sucker up. Speaking of the dog, need to let him out one more time before we try getting some shut eye.

I promise my next post will be more coherent than this one.

Note to self - blog posts at 3am - not your best idea.

;) Suz

P.S. - just let the dog out. He predicts rain for tomorrow folks. Just sos ya knows!


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