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Day 8 - yes I missed Day 7

>> Thursday, September 17, 2009

Oh Day 7 - didn't go exactly according to plan. I woke up super tired and must admit that my first thought was "hmmm, wonder how upset my sister would be if I called and cancelled for tonight". I had only gotten about 3 1/2 hours of sleep and was pretty much dead to the world. It also turned out to be a horrible day at work - 3 of my day staff called in sick, plus I had orientation for 3 new staff, plus we were light on managers and on cash, plus it was crazy busy as it was the day after the new Dan Brown "The Lost Symbol" book release - not fun at all. I didn't even have time to grab lunch, just a cookie from StarBucks, so by the time I got home I was starting to get a killer headache. I was going to suck it up though and still go - I was just starting to get ready when my sister called. Turns out she's swamped at work and really tired too and would I be terribly upset if she cancelled? Ha! I was actually relieved and told her so, so we both ended up having quiet evenings at home.

I really wasn't disappointed at all - I was only hearing bad press reviews about "Love and Other Impossible Pursuits" and had also found out that the tickets you get for premieres at Roy Thompson Hall are for balcony seating only. We would have been really far back, and part of me thought it just wouldn't be worth it. So I guess this year my Toronto International Film Festival experience will be limited to the "Invention of Lying" premiere experience, which is fine by me as it was a fun night out on the town and one I won't soon forget.

It turns out it's a really good thing we didn't go last night - my killer headache decided to morphe into a killer migraine and I pretty much spent the night curled up on the couch feeling nauseous and almost crying as my head just wouldn't stop pounding. Chris ended up giving me one of his percocets, which did help and I finally got some sleep. It was still here when I woke up today though, but it seems to have subsided quite a bit now, so I'm feeling like I can continue with my day (now that it's already 2:30 in the afternoon).

So . . . as I contemplate what do to with the rest of my day, I'll wrap up this post for now by saying "Cheers" to the Toronto Film Festival. My first year attending "TIFF" proved to me that as the world's largest film festival (I have heard and read this from many people so I'll assume it's true), it is very well run and I love how it opens it's doors to the public and we're all able to attend world premieres and screenings of films that we may never have seen otherwise. I love how it reminded me that we're all human and that celebrities are only "stars" 'cause that's what we make them. Labelling someone as something doesn't actually make them that. It doesn't make them any better than you or I or the neighbour next door. They're just people - people living their lives with hopes and dreams and good days and bad days. I am still inspired by some actors & singers as they're people who have followed their dreams and turned them into reality, but we're all equal and can all learn from each other and look up to one another.

I will definitely be attending TIFF next year - I may even go all out and book some time off that week so I can really experience the festival and all it has to offer. It truly is a great thing for Toronto and for Canada and I feel proud to have been a "tiny" part of it. Hopefully one day I will be going to see a screening of a film that I'm in!

'till next time . . .


Sara September 17, 2009 at 5:12 PM  

ick, headaches are no fun at all. glad you got the spend the day hoommeee and sleeeping. mmm, so good!

I have to tell you though Suzanne, your blogging and writing has... ready.... (dundunduNNN).. inspired me... to.... take my diary.. to... the... next... LEVEL! I have my own blog!! woo woo! WOO!

hahahah, I am such a dork. I am not as good of a writer as you are-- but I have my own way of expressing myself and my talents are different than yours.. and just reading about how all the MANY forms of art can take our feelings and emotions to different places made me realize maybe I dont have to write like you to be a good writer. maybe I can just write like me, and hey-- I've got nothing to lose, right? I dont know, I just really appreciate your blogs and I actually read them everyday... so.. its been helpful. I love writing, I feel like (I know this is so gross) but I vomit out everything about how I am feeling and about my day. it just so effectively releases the good and bad out of my system in a positive way ... if that even makes sense. and then I get to read back on it and see all the ways in which God has been faithful and how things just always seem to fall into place by His grace.

ANNNYWAY... just wanted to say thank you-- I'll drop you the link to my blog once I get it up and going the way I want.

thanks so much Suzanne



Suzanne September 19, 2009 at 11:13 PM  

Yay! Thanks for the great comment, and I'm so excited that you'll have a blog! Definitely let me know as soon as you have it set up as I'll be a regular reader!!

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