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Today's the day!!

>> Saturday, March 7, 2009

Okay, so it's 12am on the dot right now so I just had to post as today's the big day!! Yee haw it's finally here! I know I should be in bed right now (as I guess with the clocks moving ahead an hour tonight it's actually 1am and I have to wake up early to get some stuff done before church), but I've been keeping busy tonight tying up loose ends. There always seems to be one more thing to do!

We had our final full team meeting tonight and it was actually kind of surprising as everyone seemed really quiet and subdued. I think we're all just thinking that's it's kind of surreal that it's actually happening and we'll very shortly be on our way to Africa! Even with all the prep work we've done, I think we all know that there's no way to be truly emotionally or spiritually (and maybe physically!) prepared for what's to come over the next two weeks. I know that whatever happens though, it's gonna' be awesome and none of us will come back and not be changed in some way.

I'm going to really try and stay "in the moment" while we're there. I have a tendancy to jump ahead in my mind to what will be happening next and miss out on what's really happening in front of me that very moment. I want to really live fully each and every second on this trip, whether it's good, bad, uncomfortable or fantastic.

So here's to a great trip, an amazing journey and a life-changing experience. Here's to Africa!


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