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>> Thursday, June 26, 2008

Here's some random thoughts of mine for today:

* Sometimes I think I talk too much. Someone will ask me how my day was (just out of politeness) and suddenly I find myself telling them every single detail about my day. Even while I'm talking I'm thinking to myself "too much information Suzanne - they don't need to know about the bee that chased you down the street while you were walking the dog or the fact that you forgot to mail a birthday card" yet I just can't make myself shut-up. I definitely suffer from verbal diarrhea way too often.

* I love rain in the summer (especially a sun shower) - I took a break from packing this afternoon and just sat on my bed with the sun streaming in listening and smelling the rain. Perfect moment.

* My new favourite magazine is "Self". Used to be the Oprah magazine but I find it's too repetitive and sometimes a little too introspective. Self seems much more accessible to me right now.

* I love being tan. I've gotten smart though and no longer tan the "real" (ie. dangerous) way. I just started using the new Jergens daily glow stuff that has SPF in it. I've only used it for one day now and already a look a little more "glowy".

* CFRB 1010 rocks my world. I could listen to that radio station all day and not get bored. (My favs are Bill Carroll, the Motts, and John Moore). Sometimes I go out for lunch just so I can listen to the Motts for 30 minutes while I eat!

* I have made a pledge to myself that the only fast food I will eat from now on is Mr.Sub or Subway (or anything else that is a healthier alternative). No more greasy fries or burgers for me!

* I'm much more productive in the early morning than in the afternoon. I can usually get more done between the hours of 5am to 9am than any other time of the day.

* I can sometimes be the queen of procrastinating. Here I am blogging while I should be packing. Maybe I'll watch one of my "guilty pleasure" DVD's while I pack my books (namely my Newlyweds DVDs or my Alias collection.) I know Nick and Jessica are no longer together and Alias isn't on TV anymore, but anyone whose watched these shows has to admit they are kind of addicting (and the kind of thing you can watch over and over again).

Okay, I'm signing off for today - I probably won't have a chance to update again until next week when we've completed the move and our internet is back up and running, so Happy Canada Day everyone!


Franciska June 27, 2008 at 12:00 AM  

Love this entry Suzanne. :) I am pretty sure though that I am the queen of procrastinating!! Liz and I have adopted that back in college. LOL And sadly it followed me through life. I also suffer from verbal diarrhea. Sad! And add to my list over analyzing and thinking way, way too much. Can't turn that brain off!

Kim June 27, 2008 at 8:21 AM  

I'm totally with you on CFRB 1010. I listen to Bill Carroll on occasion, but my favourite is John Moore. I listen to him every day on my drive home. I'm not crazy about the Motts though.

Susan June 30, 2008 at 9:16 AM  

ever listen to coast to coast?

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