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You know you're a Grown-Up when . . .

>> Sunday, January 6, 2008

You know you're a grown-up when you pass the magazine section at Shoppers Drug Mart and instead of automatically reaching for the "Cosmo" or "Vogue" magazine, you found yourself gravitating towards "Redbook".

Redbook?! Redbook is what my mother reads!! How come when I was younger and still living at home, whenever I flipped through this magazine I found it extremely boring and full of pointless articles about parenting, marriage and anti-aging that I would never be able to relate too, when now I see that it is actually full of useful and relatable articles for the modern woman?

Could it be? Have I already passed over that invisible line of aging? Am I truly ready to leave my "Allures" and "Glamours" behind and embrace the . . . MOM Magazine?? I'm not even a mom yet! How can it be that I find articles about how to treat childhood chicken pox and how to switch your toddler from 3 naps a day to 2 so darn interesting?

If I keep this up, by the time I'm 35 I'll be ready to graduate to magazines my Grandma used to read, the "Women's Weekly" and the "Family Circle" knitting magazines. Come to think of it, I have been wanting to learn how to knit lately. Maybe I should pick up a copy of that at work tomorrow. Hmmm . . .


Kim January 7, 2008 at 8:36 AM  

No kidding. I'd choose a cooking magazine over a fashion one anyday!

Susan January 7, 2008 at 2:04 PM  

Womans Weekly? (Gulp). Sometimes I flip thought that one in line at the market....

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